“Champion” activity is an experimental field of new ideas and new materials, and a big platform for us to test at a very high level.

From April 29 to May 2, the CIK course of the second season of “future champion” will be launched in kart chegenk, Belgium. The first edition of the planned four round series has added 200 entries to the mini, OK junior and OK classes. Due to the changes in the international schedule, the sponsor and host rgmmc have updated the tournament date to avoid conflicts in all related events. Also affected by the situation of covid-19, castelleto, Italy (August 5-8) has only the second round and the rest will be finalized. Rgmmc President James geidel is very optimistic about the coming season, especially the increasing interest of many teams and drivers in returning to the track. ” I’m glad to see how the year started. It’s a positive start for go karts. We’re looking forward to an exciting series and we’ve been working hard to improve“ “Champion” provides the next intermediate step to bridge the gap, especially for teams from the mono make series. It’s very different! The future champion, in terms of time, needs to be an independent champion, but now it is definitely regarded as the preparation ground for the FIA events. « Organizing activities costs more money; Additional staff to manage health and safety and provide coverage and media options for the services we want to provide. We have to simplify that, so the focus is on how to use technology to provide a better user experience“ “Champion” activity is a testing ground for new ideas and new materials, and it is a good platform where we can conduct real high-level tests.

The FIA go kart European Championship will be held in Genk in mid May, during which there will be a driving ban. Another interesting fact is that the regular tires are different. « Due to the global pandemic, the use of Mg tires ultimately depends on usability. The plan always follows the guidelines of the FIA, which are the tires of the FIA 202 world championship.

Post time: May-11-2021