How to Adjust Go Kart Seat

No matter what kind of kart race you are facing, the adjustment of the seats is necessarily important. The weight of the driver is the heaviest for a kart , accounting for 45% - 50%. The position of the driver's seat greatly affects the moving load of the kart.

How to adjust the seat position correctly?

On one hand, you can refer to the recommended location range of the seat manufacturer;

On the other hand, according to the distance between accelerator and brake pedal;

Then, move the seat: first, move it forward and backward: move it forward to make the center of gravity move forward, which is conducive to steering; Moving the seat backward is beneficial to power output; Second, moving up and down: the seat moves up, causing the center of gravity to move up, making it easier to turn; If the seat moves downward, the load movement becomes smaller.

Finally, the width of the seat must firmly hold the driver in the driver's seat.

Post time: Nov-10-2022