How to adjust go kart sprocket

Sprocket is one of the most important parts for kart. Incorrect installation not only can aggravate the wear of the sprocket, but also causes fall off or even break of chain, thus damaging your kart. How to adjust the position of sprocket?

The simplest way is turning the axle or wheel. The specific operation: On the basis of chain linking to sprocket, completely loosen the front sprocket, and then twist the rear sprocket several times to lock the sprocket in place through observation. Note: Although this method is simple and cheap, it is not accurate enough.

The second method is using straight and long tools, such as metal ruler, rod and other. The specific operation: Completely loosen the front and rear sprockets, then place the key holder flat against the rear sprocket, make the key holder point to the crankshaft, ensure that the front sprocket is also aligned with the key holder, and finally lock the loose sprocket in place.

Finally, you can also use alignment tools specially designed for aligning your go kart sprockets, such as chain alignment tools and laser alignment tools.

Post time: Nov-18-2022