How to maintain go kart

Whether it is a racing kart or a recreational kart, maintenance is crucial.

The maintenance time of race kart is: After each race

The method is to remove the plastic parts and carefully clean the bearings, brakes, chains, engines, etc.

• Use a spray bottle to clean any oil stains around the chassis and engine. Spray can penetrate grease well, leaving little residue when drying, and does not damage the powder coating.

• Most of the car body is cleaned with Simple Green. Use a knife or abrasive paper to remove the worn tire material on the wheel rim.

• Guipai wax can remove the oil stains on the helmet and the stains left by the exhaust of the front car on the body.

• Spray the engine with brake cleaner if necessary. Clean the air filter with Simple Green and warm water.

• The sprocket shall be cleaned with common solvent, and only the chain lubricating oil shall be sprayed and wiped to minimize the entry of pollutants.

• The clutch bearing and axle bearing are lubricated with lithium base aerosol grease, and the tire is wrapped with cellophane to prevent the oil in the rubber from penetrating the surface.

The maintenance time of recreational kart is:Monthly or Quarterly.

The method is:

  • First, remove the plastic parts of all cars, clean the car body with brake cleaner and spray pipe, and clean other parts with cleaner and rag to finish polishing.
  • Secondly, clean the plastic parts;
  • Finally, reassemble.

Post time: Mar-10-2023