Short Description:

Outer Diameter:22  24  30  35  40  50mm

Inner Diameter:17  25  34  44mm

Thickness:  2.5  5  10  20  25mm

Material: Aluminum 6061

Finish:  Color Anodized

Color:Black Blue Gold Red Silver Titanium Purple

Warranty: 1 year warranty for all kinds of products

Origin: Jiangsu, China(Mainland)

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Item No. Outer Diameter Inner Diameter Thickness Color
1 22mm 17mm 5mm  








Black Blue Gold Red Silver TitaniumPurple(*1)

2 22mm 17mm 10mm
3 24mm 17mm 2.5mm
4 24mm 17mm 5mm
5 24mm 17mm 10mm
6 24mm 17mm 20mm
7 30mm 25mm 5mm
8 30mm 25mm 10mm
9 35mm 25mm 5mm
10 35mm 25mm 10mm
11 35mm 25mm 25mm
12 40mm 34mm 2.5mm
13 40mm 34mm 5mm
14 40mm 34mm 10mm
15 40mm 34mm 20mm
16 50mm 44mm 2.5mm
17 50mm 44mm 5mm
18 50mm 44mm 10mm
19 50mm 44mm 20mm
1. Material: Aluminum 6061.
2. Finish: Color Anodized.
Gold Anodized
Gold Anodized
Purple Anodized
Purple Anodized
Red Anodized
Red Anodized
Light Blue Anodized
Light Blue Anodized
Wheel Spacer For Front Hub
Wheel Spacer For Front Hub
Wheel Spacer For Front Hub
Wheel Spacer For Front Hub

During the race, the racer must wear a safety helmet with safety goggles, gloves that can protect all palms on both hands, a one-piece suit that can effectively protect all body, arms and legs, and high-waisted shoes to protect the ankle bone.

Requirements for racers

1.The racer and other members of his/her team are responsible for strictly following the general rules and rules of the race and obeying the instructions of the race referee, so that the race organizer can more effectively complete the organization work of the race. The racer who does not obey will be punished until he/she is removed from the race. Insubordination by other members of the team may result in the driver's expulsion from the team.

2. The participating teams and drivers shall be responsible for the safety of their fellow riders, arrange them to watch the race from the spectators' seats, observe the order of the race, and have the responsibility to stop them from walking or crossing the race track and any other improper behavior.

3. The organizers shall have the right to punish all the racers for any unsportsworthy misconduct, such as maliciously hurting or abusing the race staff (including but not limited to) at any time or place due to any problem, in accordance with the regulations on discipline in the race formulated by the China automobile sports federation.

4. Any violation of these rules by a racer or mechanic in the course of vehicle preparation shall result in the disqualification of the racer and may result in a harsher punishment by the arbitration commission.

5. The winning drivers must be present to attend the annual ceremony, or they will be fined 5,000 RMB.

6. - The race director reserves the right to reject or discontinue a driver who has committed a violation prior to the start of the race.

- Drivers who break the rules during the course of the race (except the last lap) must stop at the designated repair area and correct the violation before they can continue the race. Offenders from

- During the race, the driver is not allowed to accept any outside assistance on the route (except the repair area) and can only solve the problem by himself. The offender is dismissed.

- Under no circumstances shall a driver drive in the opposite direction of the race. The offender is dismissed.

- Drivers are not allowed to leave the enclosed parking area and enter the track without a signal from the referee. The offender is dismissed.

- It is prohibited to drive karts outside the circuit while the race is in progress.
7. All riders will meetThe race director will convene a meeting of all the racing drivers before the official start of the race with the following objectives:

- Remind drivers of special sections of the rules concerning the running of the race.

- Remind riders to pay attention to the general safety requirements and special requirements of the race route.

- Explains and answers questions from drivers about the rules.

All racers must be present at the meeting. Registration will be made. Those who fail to attend the competition without good reason will be disqualified from the competition. Others who fail to show up on time will be fined a minimum of 500 yuan depending on the seriousness of the case.


production-packing (6)
production-packing (5)
production-packing (4)

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  • 1) How sure your goods standard quality?

    All of our products are made under the system ISO9001,and our QC inspects each shipment before delivery. 

    2What is your terms of packing?

    Generally, we pack our goods in carton and pallet. If you have legally registered patent, we can pack the goods in your branded boxes after getting your authorization letters.

     3) Can we print our logo on the product ?

    Of course, we can do it. Just send us your logo design·

    4) Do you accept small orders ?

    Yes. If you are a small retailer or starting up business, we are definitely willing to grow up with you. And we are looking forward to co-work with you for a long term relationship.

    5) How about the price? Can you make it cheaper ?

    We always take the customers benefit as the top priority. Price is negotiable under different conditions, we are assuring you to get the most competitive price.

    6) Do you offer free samples ?

    A 5Stars Review = A Free Sample

    Its appreciated that you could write us positive reviews if you like our products and service, we will offer you some free samples on your next order.

    7) Do you accept Customization ?

    Yes,we can do OEM and ODM for our customers.

    8) What are your payment terms ? any third party payment ?

    We usually accept T/T,  Western Union, Paypal and L/C.

    9) How about your delivery time?

    A: Generally, it will take 3 weeks after receiving your advance payment. The specific delivery time depends on the items and the quantity of your order.

    10) How can I place an order ?

    You could directly send us inquiry to any of our sales representatives to get detailed order information, and we will explain the detail process.

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